New creative waterproof makeup lipstick sets

New creative waterproof makeup lipstick sets

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Cosmetic box printing. Beautiful packaging for beauty solutions

Elevate your customers’ experience of makeup and beauty essentials with cosmetic boxes printing. Custom printed cosmetic boxes represent your brand online and offline.

The Keys to Professionally-Made Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Your choice of materials will determine how well the product is presented.

Single-layer cardstock comes in 3 coatings that let you control the overall appearance of your design. The depth of color on your makeup storage box is important, especially with products that emphasize the shade of lipstick or eyeshadow palettes. You can choose from 14 pt., 18 pt., or 24 pt. cardstock.

Corrugated cardboard is thick and withstands rough handling. It is recommended for products that will be sent through the mail. This material comes in a luxurious white or rustic Kraft (brown) color.

Customize your next line of makeup boxes according to the right size. Your order can be created from the following ranges:

Length: 0.75″ – 30″

Width: 0.75″ – 20″

Depth: 1.75″ – 20″

How to Create Impactful Printed Cosmetic Boxes

Here are a few tips on creating a design that will appeal to your market:

  • Emphasize your brand with a custom font. Minimalist typography catches your customers’ attention and keeps their focus.
  • Combine purposeful colors. Warm hues work for summer collections. Use cooler tones of blue and green for products meant to refresh the skin, such as moisturizers or sunblock.
  • Use distinct patterns or creative illustrations. Design a cosmetics box your customers will want to keep and show off online. Floral patterns or abstract shapes work easily on a white or Kraft (brown) background.

All of this can be done using our online design tool. You can upload images, add text, and combine colors after indicating the specs of your custom cosmetic boxes order.

Lip glosses are being widely used these days. A glass with a glossy coating gives an idea to the customer of what they are buying. A well-designed cut box can play a vital role in the marketing decision of the customer. Most companies are utilizing packaging to stand out in the market. Why shouldn’t you?

The plus printers USA have a wide range of custom lip gloss boxes that you can use for keeping the product safe. Our qualified staff will help you in choosing the best lip gloss boxes for your valuable product. We offer our customers high-quality boxes as every customer is special to us. Tell us your specifications and get the boxes as you place your order.

Our quality customized boxes can make your product stand out in the market. If you have developed an interest in our lip gloss boxes, you can contact us through our page and send all your requirements.

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